This headshot of Vincenzo Piscopo shows him sitting behind his desk in his office. He has dark hair and eyes, is smiling and wearing a charcoal suit jacket, crisp white shirt and an orange tie.

CEO, United Spinal Association


Vincenzo Piscopo

Vincenzo Piscopo is the President/CEO of United Spinal Association, the largest membership organization of people with spinal cord injuries and disorders in the United States. Prior to United Spinal, Vincenzo was part of The Coca Cola Company, where he founded This-Ability BRG, and promulgated the company’s first disability inclusion agenda. Vincenzo founded the Wheels of Happiness Foundation, assisting people with motor disabilities in developing nations. Additionally, he is a member of the board of directors of Respectability, FODAC (Friends of the Disabled Adults and Children), and the Shepherd Center. Vincenzo has an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University and a MA in Creativity from Buffalo State College.


Many of our members are vulnerable to suicide and victimized by Physician-Assisted Suicide statutes, especially while they are adjusting to living with paralysis. They need long-term services and support to live a meaningful life and assistance in mourning the loss of their former abilities. Instead, they may be provided with lethal medications. With the proper peer support and mental health care, most of us come to see that there is life after our injury. Assisted suicide laws make it far too easy for a system stacked against us to provide a cheap, easy way out.

Vincenzo Piscopo

How do you pronounce your name?

Vincenzo (Vin like intervenecen like ancient, and zo like zodiac) Piscopo (Pis like peaceco like cola, and po like poetry).

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